What is BoxFit?

Mix up your routine with BoxFit – a workout forcing you to channel energy into power.

It’s skill mixed with endurance; speed mixed with strength.

It’s cathartic, in the best way possible.

BoxFit offers high intensity cardio mixed with a wide variety of strength exercises to implement a full-body workout in just under one hour. Similar to a boxing training camp, this class utilizes boxing mitts and bags to amp up your workout routine.


Currently run by a national-level boxing champion, this class focuses on core strength, cardio, and of course… punching!

Focusing on form and strength, this class will leave you breathless and gasping for air as you line up to attack the punching bags with maximum effort and efficiency.   With a different workout each class, the variety of exercises is always evolving and rotating, allowing you to build up back, shoulder and arm muscles while keeping your heart rate high.

One common comment we hear often is, “Time just flies by!”

And it does.

One hour of BoxFit will have you feeling strong and ready to tackle the remainder of your day – all while radiating confidence!