This 21 day program is designed to break bad habits and create good ones. We’ll be meeting 21 days straight for one hour sessions to give you all the tools you need to achieve success in the gym and beyond! You’ll learn how to maximize your results with your fitness program and overcome any barriers or plateaus you may be experiencing that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Our goal is to teach you exactly what you need to know to achieve your fitness and health goals and have you implement that for 21 days straight so that you can experience the difference it can make!

A life changing moment. Thank you for introducing me to my “new life”. Your guidance, coaching, and encouragement are by far the best in the city! Thank you + see you soon!Rachelle D.

Commit to 10 weeks of lectures, workouts, and dietary changes and see results you’ve never experienced before.

The 10 Week Challenge includes regularly scheduled workouts in a semi-private format. The number of participants for the 10 Week Challenge is 4 so we’ll be able to give much more personal attention and provide a more customized workout routine.

The sessions will likely be at 6:30pm during the week, with a group coaching sessions every week (time for that tbd), and hot yoga on weekends.

All participants will also have 24/7 studio access.

There is a much greater focus on individual nutrition and lifestyle coaching with each participant completing very in depth nutrition and lifestyle assessments 2 weeks prior to the start date.

The main goal with the 10 Week Challenge is to create more permanent change for those participating. The 21DC is great as a kick in the butt or to get started on a new routine but the 10 weeks is more of the long term solution.

Our emphasis will be on personalized diet protocols and creating a daily routine consisting of journaling, visualizations, affirmations, movement, meditation, and education. All things that are paramount to any kind of success.

There is also a very big emphasis on positive goal setting and getting very clear about why these goals are important.

Its expected those who complete the challenge will be well on their way to achieving their goals permanently with a far less likelihood of reverting back into old “bad” habits.