What is GPT?

Explore the benefits of personal training, while enjoying the company of others.

Targeting specific areas of the body every day of the week, a Group Personal Training class means you receive all the advantages of personal training, but with your friends!

Which is the greatest benefit of GPT’s – it’s personal training, but in a community atmosphere.

And because the workouts change every single day, you won’t get bored. Neither will your body! The wide variety of movements will increase your strength and endurance, while amping up your confidence.

These classes follow a carefully structured macro cycle to encompass all areas of fitness, including both cardio and strength training. Not only that, but GPT’s goal is also to educate everyone on proper technique and form, so members leave knowing they can transfer their knowledge to personal workouts.

Plus, with up to three classes a day, there is the ultimate variety in time slots too!

Many members opt to attend GPT’s rather than CrossFit to capture its variety, as workouts are never the same. CrossFit also relies on a scoring system to view improvement and workouts are repeated from time to time, whereas GPT has no scoring, and no workouts are ever repeated.

Which is the greatest challenge of GPT – your body doesn’t have the chance to adapt. Luckily enough, that also happens to be its greatest benefit.

It’s a perfect balance.