The “Basic Membership” is for those who want access to our club in order to work out on their own or with a friend and don’t necessarily need any external accountability, knowledge, or guidance. This option gives members 24/7 access to the club and monthly access to “Nutrition Night”, which is a group nutrition and lifestyle coaching seminar designed to help you improve eating and lifestyle habits that are necessary for achieving optimal health and fitness and maintaining that for life! It also allows these members to “drop in” on classes at a discounted rate of $10/class. There is no contract or enrollment fee for this option. There is also no fee for the 24/7 key fob unless it is lost, damaged, or not returned
This option is great for those who want extra motivation, accountability, knowledge, community & challenge. Our sessions are run by qualified personal trainers. This option comes with 24/7 club access & UNLIMITED classes. There are both non-commitment and commitment options. No enrollment fee.

Yes, this includes CrossFit and Hot Yoga.

This option provides private or semi-private personal training and offers maximum accountability, attention, & personally designed workouts. We 100% guarantee results or your money back with this membership. This is designed for individuals who are serious about achieving their goals and want help from the best. It’s for people coming back from an injury who need a customized workout program tailored to their unique needs. It’s also a great starting point for new members who want to participate in classes or workout on their own but need some help with conditioning and technique in order to get there. The rates for this membership can vary greatly based on commitment level, length of sessions and number of sessions per week, and there is an interview process prior to accepting new clients.
Hot Yoga memberships are for those who are interested only in taking advantage of our yoga offerings in our “hot” studio. Enjoy our top of the line infrared heating panels for a relaxing yet challenging yoga class.


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