Member of the Month

May 2017
Jessica Mantesso


I joined kinetic synergy in the summer of 2016 because I wanted/ needed to do something different and my friend had been recommending I join for months. I joined thinking I wanted to feel better overall. Working with karley allowed me to establish a routine and be accountable. Being a member at kinetic synergy and working with karely helped me achieve results I hadn’t really thought possible.

I’ve got a great routine going and am setting and achieving my goals… working towards goals I had never previously considered!

March 2017
Nikky & Roly

After some pressure from our daughter Keley who is a crossfit junky, Roly decided to give it a try and joined 6 months ago.  After 2 months of attending Kinetics on regular basis, Roly kept telling me that I would love it and I should give it a try as well.  I finally gave in to the family pressures and decided to join.  There is no looking back for Roly and I.

We really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and all the support we get from members and coaches.  The entire coaching staff is superb!  Doesn’t matter if you are doing a BoxFit class, GPT, HIIT or Crossfit, the coaches are experienced and don’t hesitate to give their coaching advice and work with us.  At Kinetics, we feel like we are part of one big happy family!!  Thanks for selecting us for being March member of the month J


January 2017
The Girls Club

It’s always a good day in the gym when you get to go with your best friends. And there isn’t a gym that better suits the needs for each of us when thinking of our goals as individuals. This group of guys is very diverse in fitness levels and body structures, we have guys working to loose 30lbs aswell as others trying to put it on. The best thing about working out with your friends is much more than the company or social stigma; having that familiar voice in your ear pushing you each and every day makes a huge difference.

We all joined Kinetic one by one, but no matter how many of us come we always seem to be welcomed by the awesome staff. If I had to put money on it at the start, I would’ve said they’re just trying to be nice. But now we’re members of the month so they must actually like us a little.


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.48.55 PM

With all of us coming from different sports backgrounds such as hockey, soccer, wrestling, football and basketball we’ve developed physiological advantages and limitations that are all unique to the individual. These differences set us all apart, and make each of us focus on certain things that others don’t. We modify sets, reps, weights and intensities based on who’s working out, and everyone who’s there at the time expects these mods to be made. It’s awesome how quiet the gym always is, and how friendly all the other members are. It’s nice coming to a gym and feeling like everyone is there for similar reasons, and knowing no one is judgemental towards different experience levels.

We would like to thank-you Gavin and staff for putting up with us. The atmosphere in the gym is great because of you guys, and feel free to yell at us at anytime if need be!

December 2016
Corriveau Family

Last September, we were looking to join a gym that would be willing to train with our whole family. Back in April 2015, our daughter had emergency hip surgery at McMaster Hospital and her surgeon recommended a personal trainer to help her. We saw this as an opportunity, and so we had two purposes in mind: to help our daughter, and teach our three kids to live a healthy life. I made a few phone calls and after speaking to Karley, set up a meeting with Gavin. They were both very helpful, and it did not take us very long to decide to join. Gavin paired us with Krista and soon after, we were sweating and learning how out of shape we really were!


Before long with Krista’s constants support and  encouragement, we started to see some improvements and changes. She was cautious with Brie’s needs, but always knew how to push that little extra bit to get us up to another level. We loved the variety and we were never bored. We never waited for equipment and always stayed on schedule. She was flexible with make-up sessions when something came up. Everyone at the gym has been so friendly. Most of all, I loved that we were doing this all together. We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice to be at Kinetics! We love how it’s made us feel, and we have accomplished a big goal of living healthier lives as a family.



October 2016
Mike & Michelle Grocholsky

We simply cannot speak more highly of our experience at Kinetic Synergy. Since joining last year, we have met some of the most inspirational and motivated people who make working out a real pleasure. Whether we’re in Yoga or Crossfit, Boxing or Group Personal Training, we are constantly surrounded by expert staff, positive and hardworking people and a great, supportive atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone.



One year in, we are stronger than ever, have achieved greater balance in our lives (thank you yoga!) and have made friendships to last a lifetime. We’ve especially loved witnessing other people do what they never thought possible – whether that’s meant flipping a tire, or flipping their perspective on what they can or cannot do – and have felt the impact of their inspiration and dedication along the way. Thank you for creating an empowering space for people to pursue their goals. Thanks especially to the amazing team who keep us striving for greater than we could have ever envisioned, and for showing us just how strong each of us really are.

Michelle & Mike

September 2016
Peter Bedard


“Thank you for the kind words Karley, but if anyone deserves the credit for getting me to the gym consistently, its Sierra. Our workouts are interesting and challenging, even though she has to adapt to at least one of my many injuries every session.

  • Pete”
August 2016
Darby Taylor


“I’m excited to see Darby in Brock red this coming fall,” said head coach Dale Melnick. “Darby is a tremendous student-athlete who is extremely hard working and determined to make a difference. Her experience with Team Ontario and Siena University will certainly put her in an impact position this fall.”

The 6-foot-2 outside hitter comes to the Badgers after spending one season at NCAA DI Siena University. In her rookie season, Taylor recorded 159 kills and 125 digs in 18 matches.She also collected 18 blocks and four aces.

Taylor represented Team Ontario in the 2015 Canadian Summer Games. She led Eden High School to the OFSAA AA Championship in 2014, and was named team MVP in 2013 and 2014. She played club volleyball for Niagara Rapids and Halton Hurricanes, who she guided to a 16U Provincial Championship. Taylor also excelled on the sand, winning the 14U Canadian National Beach Volleyball Championships.

“I chose to come to Brock because it allowed me to pursue a career I wanted, with an education that would help me reach my goals,” said Taylor. “I’m happy to continue to play volleyball at a great university while I pursue my academics. I look forward to contributing in anyway I can.”

“It will certainly be nice having the support from friends and family,” said Taylor. “I enjoyed playing away from home, so it will certainly be an adjustment.”

“It’s great to have another Niagara Rapids athlete join our squad like Darby,” said Melnick.


July 2016
Mitch Orosz

“Mitchell has been a member of Kinetic Synergy Gym since the gym opened and also trained with Gavin for a year prior to the gym opening. During that time, Mitch has worked hard to improve his athleticism, strength and speed to help him become an elite athlete.

Mitch has been recruited to play basketball and attend his final two years of High School at the prestigious Holderness School in New Hampshire. Mitch will be have the opportunity to be coached by Mr. Woody Kampmann, a former Division 1 NCCA Basketball coach and attend one of the top 10 Academic Preparatory Schools in North America. Mitch would like to thank everyone at the gym for all their guidance, support and enthusiasm.”

June 2016
Mike Chouinard

“I joined the gym last June and it has changed my life. I am so happy with the staff and the people that attend. There is such a positive attitude. You offer so many things.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.53.26 PM

It has been fun to learn and try new things. For now, I am hooked on yoga and BoxFit. It has improved by golf, tennis, squash, badminton, and most of all, I have more energy, confidence and the most wonderful attitude on life. Thank you, Cheers”

May 2016
Blair Coffin

“I’ve always been very athletic and played many sports. But I was also overweight. Back in 2013/2014, the year I did not play hockey, I was at my heaviest. I decided in April 2014 to start going to the gym. I dropped quite a bit of weight then, but I was still up and down on the scale.

Then, in April 2015, I started working with Blair Stayzer from Kinetic Synergy. My friend Spencer recommended Blair to me. What a great move that was! Blair and I have worked together ever since. Blair also made major changes in my diet. Today, I am in the best shape I have ever been, and feeling amazing. My passion is hockey, and with BlairsBlair’s help I am reaching my goals in hockey, and in life too. I still have lots of work ahead of me to keep reaching my goals, but with Blair’s help, there are no limits as to what I can achieve. Blair is a great mentor not only physically,but mentally too.”


April 2016
Mandi Arnold

November 9th will be a day I always remember! It was the day I started the 21 day challenge at Kenetics Synergy. Truly, I was hoping to start some good habits and start a road to a healthier (thinner) life. Here we are 4 months later, and I not only have lost almost HALF of the weight I’d hoped to lose in a year; I have lost more inches then I could have imagined! I truly feel like I belong to an amazing community that is filled with amazing coaches, staff and athletes, who all inspire, motivate and support each other, and me!!


I started out thinking I could never do what those around me were doing! My knees hurt, my back hurt, I was too old to do this!!! I was exhausted and suffering headaches (diet change) a few short weeks later I felt amazing !! I had energy!!! My knees where stronger, my back no longer hurt, and I made the decision that this is the lifestyle for me!

From workouts that now seem effortless, to cross fit lite, box fit and yoga …I grow stronger, build my endurance, and become healthier with every passing day. I have completely new goals, and continue to challenge myself. The scale is no longer my measure of success, it has become a competition with myself, how much more can I lift? How fast can I complete the WOD, and of course trying to complete as much as I can with out modifications …. Because I now know that’s possible!!

Thank you to the team at Kinetics Synergy for making me (and all members) feel so at home!! I would have NEVER attempted the things I do without the environment you have created! I look forward to the rest of my journey!

March 2016
Zach & Mac

We were both active throughout university between football and soccer, however once we graduated and joined the real working world things really started to fall apart! Once Zach’s football career ended, he found himself carrying a few, or 40, extra pounds around (and I’m not talking about a dumbbell)! After moving to Welland, we were the new kids in town looking to get back to our healthy, active lifestyle. We found Kinetic Synergy, where Gavin welcomed us with open arms and a slap on the wrist after disclosing the lack of sleep we were getting and amount of cheese and wine I was consuming. With Zach’s need for bromance and my need for (healthy) competition we jumped right into Crossfit. Fundamentals wasn’t as intimidating for Zach as it was for me, but Jon’s continuous support and willingness to teach showed just how much he wants everyone to improve and be their best self! Krista rocks her group personal training classes with more of isolated muscle group sessions. There have been many days I have barely been able to walk up the stairs or raise my arms high enough to wash my own hair after her classes!

ZacMac member of month

Therefore, we send the biggest SHOUT OUTS to Jon Mulder and Krista Gearing! They are truly the most supportive and encouraging people and they personally inspire us everyday! We are so lucky to call them our coaches, teammates, therapists and our friends!

February 2016
Frank & Alison

Our old gym was not helping us achieve our goals. It looked great and we enjoyed going but we lacked direction on how take our health and fitness to the next level. Fortunately we found Kinetic Synergy right in our own neighborhood. From the start the team offered the guidance and support we were searching for. Personal training with Blair has been fun, challenging, entertaining and effective.


Some of the many benefits include weight loss, increased energy, strength, endurance and the confidence to push ourselves as never before. This week we hit personal bests with sets of 210lb deadlifts! Thanks to Blair Stayzer and Kinetic Synergy for guiding us on our path toward optimal health and fitness.

December 2015
Bryan Beatty

Even though I’ve always been pretty active, as I approached my late 30’s I found it harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight. Not to mention the lack of energy and problems sleeping that seem to come naturally with ‘old age’.

I initially met Gavin almost 5 years ago when his idea of owning his gym was just a dream, and we began a training program in his little basement studio. I appreciated his approachable nature and his patience with someone as un-coordinated as me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.27.28 PM

As someone who has had multiple gym memberships at various locations over the years, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when Kinetic Synergy opened and Gavin began running the facility. What I soon realized is that the easy nature and no-attitude personality carried over to his gym.

All of the staff, especially Krista and Blair have been incredible to meet and I appreciate their constant encouragement.

Gavin has also helped me to establish goals. Currently I’ve been working on joining the 1000 lb club. I like these type of goals, because they’re easily measurable. My bench and deadlift are great, my squat is letting me down as I hover just over the 900 lb mark.

Over the last few years I’ve dropped my overall weight by about 25lbs, but more importantly, I’ve been able to change my body composition, dropping my body fat from over 25% into the 13-15% range.

Beer and salty snack foods still remain a constant temptation.

Getting serious about getting into shape and changing my diet and exercise habits has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made and I feel better now than I did 10 years ago.

November 2015
Brandy OBireck

I started working out at Kinetic Fitness training with Blair a year ago. I have lost 25 pounds and feel great in my clothes. Kinetic has a good vibe and caring professional staff and trainers who have your health and wellness goals at heart. I’ve learned a lot and will continue on my fitness journey.


Thank you Blair for keeping me working hard and pushing me to a level I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

October 2015
Collin Bell

For as long as I can remember I have always been fighting with my weight. I have tried numerous diets, and have joined all types of gyms. Nothing ever worked for me. I would see results initially, then I would plateau, and before I knew it I would be right back where I started. I found it very frustrating, and to say the least, not exactly motivating.

In January of this year I found Kinetic Synergy and I have never been happier. I started by signing up for the 21 day challenge and the rest is history. Since January I have lost 35 pounds and six inched of my waist, and have never felt better.

I just wish Kinetic Synergy was around 25 years ago.


With the instruction and motivation of all of the Kinetic Synergy staff, with a special thanks to Krista, for the first time ever I look forward to going to the gym, and look forward to attending the GPT class with my second family religiously. Krista always says that I’m the one that does the work, but without her dedication and motivation I would not be where I am today.

September 2015
Stuart Floyd

Since I can remember I was always that fat, weird kid. I never really fit in, especially growing up inAustralia, as I wasn’t tall or athletic. I played every sport I could and tried my hardest but my weight and size always stopped me from getting to the next level or making the team. During my early 20’s I decided that would change and started working out at the gym. But I never really found a trainer who “got” me. I was getting fitter and stronger but I wasn’t seeing any changes to my body.


When I moved to Canada and down to the Niagara region I found Gavin as a trainer for my partner, and once I saw the results he was getting I decided to join the gym and see if I could transform my body as well. And I am proud to say that with Gavin and the whole gym’s help, I have. I have learned so much about myself through this process, and have learned the skill of listening to my body and what makes me feel good. I’ve changed my eating and nutrition as well as my whole outlook on what being healthy is all about. It’s not starving yourself, it’s not taking drugs or hormones, and it’s not deriving your self other people or society in general want from you.

The key is feeling good and loving who you are … and I can say, for the first time in my life, I feel comfortable in my skin and love being me. I am excited to train each day, and enjoy the way Kinetic Synergy has fostered my competitive side in a really fun way. Everyone’s reasons for working out and getting healthy are different, but the key to my success has been doing it for me and no one else. I can’t wait for my 30’s now!

August 2015
Miranda VanDyke

“In June 2014, I took a big step in my wellness journey and completed my very first CrossFit workout at Kinetic Synergy/CrossFit Welland. In the past year, I have transformed from Couch Potato to CrossFitter. I have gone from being in poor health, dealing with autoimmune disease, high cholesterol, and at high risk for Diabetes… to working out 5 days a week and being in the best shape of my life. I used to feed my body junk and feel gross and tired, and now I fuel my body to perform and be strong and healthy.


I’ve lost over 30 lbs since starting CF and dropped 3 dress sizes. But despite this I have also learned not to worry as much about the number on the scale and instead to focus on the numbers on my barbell and on the time clock. Before, I couldn’t run more than 100m without a break and barely had the strength and energy to keep up with my kids. Now, my kids do CrossFit with me! I can do all sorts of things that I never imagined my body would be able to do. I was part of the KS/CFW team who ran the Grapes of Wrath 5km mud run this past June. I also participated in the 2015 CrossFit Open this past February and exceeded my own goal of wanting to finish anywhere above the bottom 20%; to my own shock, I ended up placing within the top half of female competitors worldwide.

CrossFit has made me stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I am a better mom, wife, friend, and all-around person because I now have this amazing outlet that makes me healthy, strong and happy. Every single day since June 18, 2014 I continue to feel challenged, amazed and proud of what my body can do and am acutely aware of how awesome it makes me feel! I track my progress with every workout, every lift, every time score. I want to celebrate those moments every day because for the first time in my life, I have truly felt my own strength.

Gavin and the rest of the KS/CFW coaches welcomed me with open arms, showing me the path to fitness and healthy living. The members also make it an incredible place to be- it is an amazing network of support that truly feels like a family.

I couldn’t possibly have known a year ago where I would be today. But I am so glad I started and I never want to stop.”

July 2015
Irene Manfini


I’m totally addicted!!!

I’ve always done “something” that was fitness related since I was in my early 30’s and now I am 49 years young. Body for Life regime, boot camps, Zumba, running etc., though I hadn’t ever considered personal training.

I was referred to Blair 3 months ago, and initially thought I would train with him two times/week, then a couple weeks in I bumped it up to 3x/wk, and now am committed to 4 days/week. If I didn’t drive in from Stoney Creek, I’m sure it would be more!

Through nutritional guidance and physical training with Blair I have gained strength and endurance and am doing what I thought “the impossible”. I have lost inches, gained muscle, am getting toned and lost 10-12 lbs in only a few weeks! I couldn’t be happier 🙂

The method and level of training is designed for each individual’s needs, pushing you as hard as you can go, but not so hard that you cannot finish. On interval days when I see what’s expected my reaction is always a reluctant “oh my god….ok”…..but when I complete the workout is the best feeling of accomplishment!

I have had sessions with Blair, Krista and Gavin, who are all so passionate in what they do…I am so thankful that I have been introduced to and am now part of this amazing facility.

June 2015
Mary Smith

“I love my gym. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be trained by the most accomplished trainers. The gym atmosphere is inviting and supportive. I have gained strength and confidence, and I feel great! It’s a different type of gym. It’s challenging, inviting, not intimidating, and takes fitness to a different level; a level that sparks your abilities.”

May 2015
Mike Lostracco

“While I have always had an interest in fitness, working out, playing sports…In the recent years I had become something of a gym nomad…trying out different gyms, different classes and activities. Nothing held my attention for more than a few months at a time.
Then there was Kinetic Synergy. The approach was different right off the bat. From the moment Gavin both interviewed me when I joined to texting me after I missed a few classes right off the bat after joining, which has never happened in any gym I have ever been in before, I knew this gym was different. All the trainers (mainly Jon and Sierra) I have had the pleasure of training with are professional, friendly, encouraging, patient and most importantly very knowledgeable and motivating.


This rubs off on to the clients as well, as everyone I have encountered is so nice and very supportive.
I now never miss a class and come to the gym as often as I can; 5 or 6 times a week…and I look forward to going every time. It is the absolute best way to start the day. CrossFit and lately Box Fit are my 2 passions, and I always pick up something from every class. I am proof that you are never too old to learn something new or nothing is too difficult. With hard work you can pretty much accomplish anything you set your mind to.” – Mike Lostracco

April 2015
Tabitha MacDonald

“As a person who honestly never thought they would step into a gym, I am so glad I did, and I am so glad that it was this one. With the help of Krista and Gavin and the support of everybody else at the gym I have found great success in my journey so far. The combination of
watching my nutrition as well as working on my fitness has allowed me to lose 56 lbs and inches here and there since I started coming in September. Nutrition is never easy and things may happen to falter your progress, but as long as you hang in there and get back on track
that’s all that matters.

Tabitha MacDonald

I try to come to the gym at least 5 or 6 times a week, because the gym feels like my second home, god knows I see Krista more than my own family sometimes. Throughout this process I have gained endurance, agility, strength and friends and all of those things to me are more important than a number on a scale anyways. So as somebody who never thought they would even come to the gym, I am proud to say that I do and that I actually like it. I will chalk it up to the wonderful people and the overall supportive and family feel the gym offers.
Over the past few months I’ve fallen in love with the quote, “Fall in love with the process, and the results will come.” I feel like anybody embarking on a change in their lives can resonate with this quote. It’s not until you give in and whole heartedly accept the process, that you will
see the results you want, both inside and out. So everybody, work hard and ramp it up.”


“All together I’ve dropped 80lbs, haven’t had a single heart palpitation, haven’t been out of breath going up stairs, eliminated my arthritis & general joint pain, and I have also overcome my own depression. I’ve not only got my life back, but I’m actually moving into a wonderful new future. All I can say is when you’re ready to change your thinking, and unlearn what you know, call Gavin at Kinetic Synergy, setup a free consultation, and if you follow his instructions be prepared to change your life forever.” – Shane



Pounds Lost

Inches Off Waist

“I lost 25lbs and over 15 inches in 3 months! Almost none of my clothes fit anymore!” – Cindy

I cannot thank Gavin and the team at Kinetic Synergy for changing me entire life! – Craig



Pounds Lost

“…I have lost a total of 53lbs and counting!! … I’d have to say that the life coaching tied in with physical fitness is what makes you a cut above the rest :D”-Jackie

“I would also like to thank you for all that you do. I’ve learned so much already and am feeling more empowered to get myself to where I want to be. You have definitely come into my life at a pivotal time. I knew I needed someone to help me but I needed the right person. I am so grateful to have found you and that I’m finally getting some answers after struggling for so long!” -Brenda

“… I want to share something with you. I had attended a wedding 2 weeks ago, and both my sons were ushers for a very good friend of theirs. So, all the other friends of theirs were there…about15 of them….all that used to come here at my house drinking on a Friday night, many that I have driven home at wee hours of the morning, all that I have cooked for, and often taken care of….so I am like a second mother to them. My point to this….you cannot imagine how good i felt dancing with all of them….and being nearly 20 pounds lighter….it was amazing, i felt like i did years ago….jumping and moving and keeping up with them was one of the biggest rewards of all of this. So, days like that keep me focused and motivated and knowing that I can reach my goal…and the benefits of it all are just immense!!!! Oh and by the way, it feels so good to pull out a pair of capris that are way too big on me now and pack them away with the rest of the BIG clothes. And even better yet, getting into some jeans shorts that I have not been able to get into in years…..yeahhhhhhh, what a feeling!” -Maria

“I just wanted to let you know how incredible you are. I’ve been following the weight program quite well and my chest looks great, I’ve had to throw out some old t-shirts because I can’t fit in them anymore. Not to mention, I’m the fastest on the Erg in the history of my school, and that’s a big deal.

So again, you’ve been amazing, and I appreciate ALL the time you’ve put into me. Without you I would TRULY not be where I am right now.” -Trofym